• I am the mom of a six year old boy whose health is paramount to me.
  • I am fifty years old  and vain.  I want to look and feel as well as possible.
  • I have been cooking since I was twelve years old.  Food is a passion for me and I want it to be at least a delicious as it is healthy.  I love to create recipes and I need a place to share them.
  • I am fascinated by the gut science that is emerging.  I think this is important medical information that every person should know.  I am hoping I can create a road map to help others eat in a way that supports their health.

How did I start trending Paleo?

In January of 2012 I was feeling bad.  I was so tired all the time.  I have a young son and I didn’t want to do anything with him.  I was approaching my 50th birthday and I was depressed.  I called my doctor’s office and spoke to his physician’s assistant.  I explained that I was feeling so tired and I didn’t know what was wrong.  He recommended that I buy a book called Clean by Alejandro Junger.  I got off the phone and downloaded it to my Kindle.  It is a three week detox cleanse and it was amazing.  I started feeling better after just four days.  (Mind you, I had been coffee, soda and alcohol free for many years when I started)  The last year has been an exploration of what foods work for my particular body.  I started with Dr. Junger’s Elimination Diet which excludes wheat, sugar, dairy, soy and a number of other foods.  I stayed on that diet until October of 2012 when I did a pilot program for Dr. Junger’s  Clean Gut.  As my gut became healthier, I noticed that I was unable to digest grains and legumes.  My diet now resembles the Paleo diet though I am not rigid about it.


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